Go from idea to launch in 6 short months

January – June 2015




What If You Could Join A Team of Military Veteran Entrepreneurs…

To launch a brand new company…

  • Successful Entrepreneurs

    We will reach out to our vast network of successful entrepreneurs to mentor your team

  • Professors

    Receive experiential learning from top professors at Regis University

  • National Investors

    When the time comes, we will put you in front of our network of Angel and VC Investors

You’ve Always Wanted To Start A Business…

VeteranTech brings together groups of Vets who desire to launch a new high-growth venture. Our bootcamp is part-time for 6 months. We know you have a life and need to earn a salary while you build your business. You may even be eligible for a monthly housing stipend by tapping into your Post 9/11 GIBill benefits.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime – at no cost to you.

Here’s How You Will Succeed…

  • 1 - Join a motivated group...

    All participants will come together as a group to tackle some of the most pressing problems and create new solutions

  • 2 - Enlightened Idea Generation...

    We bring in leaders from Government and Industry to discuss their most pressing issues. You will receive direct intelligence from your potential marketplace. No guessing.

  • 3 - Methodical Validation...

    After the ideation phase, the proposed solutions are tested and demand is validated to ensure market potential, all before any product is created.

  • 4 - Forming teams and building businesses...

    As the process unfolds, teams are formed around the various proposed solutions. Each team will build a product, and become a company.

  • 5 - Launch!

    It’s go time. Your product is ready to sell and it’s time to generate revenue!

  • 6 - Search for funding...

    When your company is ready, we will connect you with our investor network and help you make the pitch.

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